Strathclyde LGBT+ Network

LGBT+ in HE: Building networks, making change (new date: 21 October 2020)



Let’s build the Strathclyde LGBT+ staff and PhD student network together!


In alignment with the University of Strathclyde's commitment to EDI, the STEM Equals team is working with the Equality and Diversity team to facilitate the creation of an LGBT+ staff and PhD student network.

We believe the network provides an opportunity to build a more diverse and inclusive academic community and enhance support for and visibility of a marginalised and underrepresented community at Strathclyde.

The STEM Equals team have met with members of the leadership committees of the LGBT+ staff and PhD student networks at other universities in the UK and discussed the support mechanisms provided to them by their institutions.

STEM Equals researcher Dr Marco Reggiani designed rainbow lanyards. The small batch of lanyards will be available to the first members of the Strathclyde LGBT+ Staff and Student Network (Please note: Ally members will need to have completed LGBT+ diversity training at Strathclyde or elsewhere before receiving a lanyard. Additional training opportunities will be organised at Strathclyde in Autumn).

STEM Equals are pleased to host, along with CILIA-LGBTQI+, the upcoming event LGBT+ in HE: Building networks, making change (new date: 21 October 2020) where we will discuss how to create more inclusive research/working communities for LGBT+ people in higher education.

While we are happy to support and be a part of this initiative, we need the voices and help of LGBT+ individuals and allies at Strathclyde to make it happen. Many questions will need to be discussed by the new members of the newly forming network so that the network is created by the members and for the members.

To express your interest and received updates, you can join the University of Strathclyde LGBT+ Staff & PhD Student Network Updates mailing list. Your names and email address will be visible only to the STEM Equals team and to the co-chairs of the network (once they are elected by the membership).

STEM Equals Rainbow Lanyards